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Ankle Boots

We have niche manufacturers and suppliers all across the globe. Confident we provide the best selection of unique and one of kind items anywhere within the United States.  While many of our items ship fast there items which may take up to 30 days to receive, typically sooner. Otherwise our prices would be so high we would be priced out of the market and we wouldn't have the amazing selection we do.  For example, a pair of our Glitter Ankle Boots are unique and priced at an amazing $125.00. The only other manufacturer of this item is a top designer and the shoes begin at $1,500.00! Many times the same manufacturer produces both. Understand this when shopping with us. Perhaps in lieu of being unhappy some shipping times are longer, do cartwheels and tell your friends we saved you, as in the above case a whopping $1,375.00 on just one pair of shoes.
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