There was an explosion in her brain, in a good sense, the kind that brings so much potential, more then she could comprehend. But there were tons of ideas that swirled in her head that buzzed of electricity like fall's winds that swirled hair into nature's curl. 

Whatever lie ahead, could bring tears, may be difficult; still, it was her path to take; so she smiled! Answers would come, probably when she least expected them, so she laced her boots and took a step....

With bad ass boots one can kick monster ass!  Every path has its puddles, and here at Bad Ass Shoes, we believe optimism wears heavy boots and is loud! 

Sexy, sleek, sassy and slimming. Exploding this year with innumerable new designs, we couldn't wait to add these to our collection. You're sure to find a pair that meet your passion for fashion!

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