High Heels

A woman in a nice pair of high heels says a lot about her character. It says, she cares enough about herself to put her best forward each and every day from dressing up to showing up. From the tip of her head to the soles of her feet. 

Heels reveal a woman's femininity, and present a first and lasting impression of who she is to the world. Heels don't make the woman, its the woman who makes the heels. The type of shoe a woman wears speaks volumes which is why "the right selection" is critical. 

If a business woman wears flirty or sexy heels to their place of employment, they may be popular with the men in the office. However, presenting a playful, kinda flirty appearance can hurt your chances for success because when worn at work, you are not taken seriously.

That said, women need to know if they want to be taken seriously. Particularly for promotion and management level jobs, you might want to consider sticking with closed toed, and pointy closed toed heels or flats. These type of shoes speak of  class,  confidence and intent.  I am dressed for success, I am brilliant and  here to offer my skill set for the overall success of the firm they work for.and their personal success within that framework. 

Make no mistake, shoes speak. Ask yourself before selecting a heel or shoe for the day. What message you want to convey to others about yourself and who you are.  There is a time and place for sexy, flirty high heels and we love them here at Bad Ass Shoes, but we also are smart women who know what it takes to be taken seriously within the workplace. We stand behind this theory with the exception of sales. If you are a woman in sales, all bets are off and sexy, flirty shoes just may bring in more sales depending upon the clientele. 

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