She is a woman who enjoys the music of her feet, an even rhythm that composed a tandem melody, clip....clop....clip....clop.  Tentative is a woman in smart clothing and bad ass shoes that seem to carve out stories.  Even without her sight, the world was a rich place to be!

We search the globe to provide unique shoes you won't find anywhere else.  Equipping women all over the nation for any occasion.  

We scream from rooftops.  The streets that stretch onward to the blue sky fill with our laughter, as the sun is on the rise. A woman's journey are paths awaiting her feet, billowing sweet songs of other places. Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It is a state of mind.  A woman's shoes transform her body language, exudes an attitude that is custom to each woman. 

Keep your heels, head, and standards high! From us at Bad Ass Shoes: 

      "whether you travel the gravels of negativity or transcend the uneven roads most traveled, we are committed to equipping each and every woman with bad ass shoes in hopes she will land at her destination firm, steady, and poised with purpose!"

     ~Tina and Crysta

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