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Our store was just beginning. Being disabled, took 2 years to build with 10% use of my hands. Just as it was completed, covid hit. As a result we are unable to sustain the store or to make a profit. We have refunded each order impacted by covid. Done our best to do what is right. Many people have suffered worse than us as just when things looked up, they turned due to covid and individuals began hacking every device we owned, posted totally false information, drained our personal bank accounts and then Shopify began not taking phone calls to help their subscribers. Until Covid is over and protection from cyberhackers is a reality, we have paused the store to seek legal counsel and to take legal action against those who have committed crimes against my partner and I who tried very hard to build this store to help other disabled individuals do the same as if we could prove it could be done even taking two years, we believed teaching them what we learned for free would assist so many get off benefits at no cost thereby freeing up the system by creating something disabled people can do. Our efforts have been thwarted by malicious individuals who will pay for the crimes against us. Thank you for stopping by. We are unclear at this time whether we will even attempt to rebuild something that took so long to put together due to disability. For all the others out there with a heart for disabled people who are able to do this, thank you. Continue on be the success we were working hard at achieving and be sure to get professional advice on security, cyber hacking, attacking and terror. It seems reports we've read only show its going to get worse.

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