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Always Remember My Daughter 11 Ounce Coffee Mugs in White or Black

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Always Remember My Daughter - Bad Ass Shoes
Always Remember My Daughter  11 Ounce Coffee Mugs in White or Black

Part of our custom line, Always Remember, My Daughter is a gorgeous and empowering message for ALL of our Daughters. Its a whole new world out there and we believe strongly that women should consider mentoring other women instead of beating them down.

Putting other women down in any setting is wrong, but in an office to make yourself look better or blaming another woman for something you have done goes on way too often. Our daughters get discouraged as this happens so frequently and is seldom checked out by management.

Ladies, I challenge you to make a change in this world.  Unite with other women and encourage and lift our girls up. Ask them to be the first to STEP UP and mentor other "back biting" women instead of casting shadows on their work or character. 

It is our duty to teach and remind them of their value and that no matter what goes on THEY CAN'T BREAK YOU. A coffee mug one can take to the office such as this will not just touch your girls, but other women as well. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 


We decided to do our part by enticing you to purchase this item because we have dropped the price by 50%! Your girls are worth it. 

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