Warrior in Full Armor White Coffee Mug

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Warrior in Full Armor White Coffee Mug - Bad Ass Shoes
Warrior in Full Armor White Coffee Mug

New Release! Hot! Female Warrior in Full Armor White Coffee Mug.

Are YOU a warrior who happens to be a woman?

In this day and age women have become so much more than we ever were. We've battled discrimination and being "less than" for decades. The "Good Old Boys Club" created ideas for The Good Old Girls Club haha.

We are fortunate the unity of women globally is paying off big time and opportunities for women are exploding. It's the women who stood in the trenches leveling this playing field who are true warriors. Furthermore, there are many other powerful women changing this world and I would bet you know a few. 

We all know a warrior when we see one. Sometimes warriors get caught up fixing things, helping others,  they can lose sight of their value because let's face it, they have been fighting some badass giants. Our warrior line was created to acknowledge the rise in warriors who happen to be women.  To encourage them to keep going and never forget who they are. 

Deep inside their armour, every warrior is a child.



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