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Lyme Warrior 11 ounce Coffee Mug White

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Lyme Warrior 11 ounce Coffee Mug White - Bad Ass Shoes
Lyme Warrior 11 ounce Coffee Mug White - Bad Ass Shoes

Bad Ass Shoes supports Lyme Disease by contributing 50% of all our Lyme Warrior profits to charities and individuals with Lyme Disease. Working on raising the awareness of Lyme Disease and the horrible things this disease from a single "tick bite" can alter the lives of so many young people as well as adults. Managing this disease truly takes a warrior's heart because you're in for the battle of your life if not treated immediately and with the right protocol. 

Believe it or not, not too long ago, if you mentioned the word Lyme to a doctor, they would leave the room because "It did not exist" or at least it wasn't accepted by the medical community. Today Lyme Disease is becoming a public awareness campaign with specializing centers popping up all over the country. Two that are reputable can be found in Arizona and Germany.. 

Remember, if you or anyone you know ever gets bit by a tick, do not try to remove it. Immediately go to the ER of your local hospital and be sure to get the antibiotics necessary to wipe this disease out within 24 hours of being bit. 

More information on Lyme Disease we found helpful is by Dr. James Shaller who spent his entire medical career telling the HMO's to get lost and finding a cure for this disease and many of its (often related diseases).

He traveled the world under very humble circumstances and not only healed his two children who had this disease, and offers FREE 10 minute consultations either over the phone or by email to people who need advice and help in this arena.

His Father, a very well known highly regarded Physician Ivy league schools etc. Prominent invited only residences. While his Son James refusing to be a part of HMO's or Big Pharma's agenda. A humanitarian and pioneer and expert in his field who has also been awarded The Noble Peace Prize, authored over 50 books.

Schaller has a private practice in Florida, but can also be found on Linked in. He will write you back. It might take a few days if he is out of the country, but this physician is the real deal. He gets the TWO THUMBS UP award by our team for his continual sacrifice and lifelong commitment to research and education in Lyme Disease. He gets a standing ovation for his humanitarian efforts by offering 10 minutes free to anyone.  

One of our staff was having trouble with what appeared to be microscopic biting bugs. Tiny black specs everywhere, changing colors, from transparent, white, red, black, dark red. Her symptoms were so severe they cost her everything she worked her life for and no one had an answer. Well except the medical community who wanted to deem her (delusional)!  Within 10 minutes he pinpointed three areas that could be the source of this problem. Turns out, ALL THREE were present in the home. This guy is good. He deserves our appreciation for all he has done to help patients suffering from Lyme. While all the so called guru's tried to discredit him. He is also available as a consultant. 

If you or someone you know is really sick and no one can seem to answer the question WHY. How to fix it. Or you're not getting better, our bet is this humanitarian has the answer. 

Here are a couple ways to reach this great physician.

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