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Lyme Warrior Tank Top in White

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Lyme Warrior Tank Top in White - Bad Ass Shoes
Lyme Warrior Tank Top in White - Bad Ass Shoes

With the recent CDC acknowledgement  that Lyme Disease does in fact exist and with the increasing number of victims it claims each year, the fight for this disease to be recognized took warriors years and warriors who would NOT back down. Mothers who were tired of taking their children to the the doctor, ER, urgent cares across the country only to have the physicians walk out of the examining room exclaiming Lyme Disease does not exist.

If that were not bad enough doctors would suggest Munchhausen by Proxy, call social services IF there was a minor involved and at a minimum refer the parent or adult  to a psychiatrist where they would then be declared delusional without examination.

During our research, we have found many doctors were forbidden to even speak about it or they could lose their job. Why? Because Lyme Disease was created by our own government then covered up. 

Eventually persistence broke ground for research in managing and testing for variations of this disease also linked to Morgellons, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibermyalga and Lupus. 

Each of these are life threatening, debilitating, and progressive diseases for those infected by a single tick bite. Without immediate treatment and the proper amount of antibiotics, the disease is all but impossible to cure as it is a progressive disease which has haunted people I know and struck down young lives as it took a very long time to receive acknowledgement that Lyme even existed and then to begin to treat it. 

Crysta Swindell, my "Bad Ass Shoes" business partner and best friend, has a beautiful daughter named Sheyan who was afflicted at  a very young age. She has spent 18+ years battling doctors, and researching any doctor that would treat her child. Sheyan has been very very sick most of her life and almost died many many times. All to be told she was crazy.

Guess what Crysta, YOU were RIGHT! Thank you for NOT giving up the FIGHT. You are a true warrior of Lyme Disease. Every cent of profit from selling anything in our Lyme Disease category goes to Lyme Disease awareness and helping Americans battle this horrible affliction. 

If you know someone with Lyme Disease, trust me just the fact that they are still breathing means they are a Lyme Warrior. Don't give up the fight. Just like Aids, Lyme will be a worldwide concern as more and more warriors fight to get a cure and to get answers. 


If you would like the mug as well, it is listed separately on our site in our Bad Ass Line. 

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