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ROCKBROS bike bag

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ROCKBROS bike bag
ROCKBROS bike bag
ROCKBROS bike bag

Do you love to ride your bike? 

If the answer is yes, you should check out this product. 

It's a bike bag that allows you to bring with you anything you need, including your smartphone. 

The following are the features of this bag: 

1. Parallel to the frame design, does not affect the beauty, riding process will not hit the foot

2. Water-proof touch screen earphone storage function can be satisfied, daily travel one is enough

3. Large capacity on-board bags, to meet the carrying capacity of daily accompanying items

4.0.3 mm new transparent touch screen film, thinner, more sensitive, more suitable for

5. Thicker sea. Wear-resistant and shock-proof mobile phone, magic sticker and bonding operation are fast, easy to take

6. Riding always encounters rainwater. Carbon-lined straw mat waterproof fabric is used in the upper tube bag, rubber-pressed zipper is used to handle it. Water-proof performance is better. Riding more freely

7. Side with high reflective strip, night riding reflective warning makes riding safer.

8. Using triple magic sticker to fix and dismantle it easily. Firm and unshakable


  • Name: Bicycle bag
  • Material: Nylon + TPU carbon grain fabric + waterproof zipper
  • Function: Touch screen waterproof
  • Capacity: 6.0 inches
  • With or without internal gallbladder

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